World-class medical congresses, conventions, and meetings with an unprecedented academic and scientific focus

Our Story

Founded in 2006 by Professor Zeev Shoham and Professor Milton Leong, CME Congresses is the world’s leading boutique professional conference planning firm specializing in organizing and managing academic medical conferences.

Over the past 12 years, CME Congresses has organized hundreds of medical conferences around the globe. Disciplines include oncology, hematology, gynecology, neurology, endocrinology and more.

Our Mission

CME-Congresses’ Mission is to advance education and academic research in medicine by organizing academic medical congresses that create a platform for discussion through the sharing of ideas and research, thus creating a bridge between academic research and practice.

Our Values

  • We bring an experienced senior team
  •  We come from within the medical profession…
  • … and pride ourselves on academic excellence
  • We operate with full transparency
  • We are focused on building your capabilities
  • Our incentives are fully aligned with your success
  • Our operating model is lean, agile and cost effective
  • We have a track record of success

What makes us unique